Monday, January 26, 2009

Facebook Now Twice as Big as MySpace?

I knew MySpace was losing people to Facebook left and right, but the latest report from comScore really took me by surprise. According to the latest report, Facebook now registers TWICE as many unique visitors than MySpace.


Wow, it sure didn't take Facebook long to overcome MySpace. MySpace feels like a sinking ship.

I know that I, personally, have more or less abandoned MySpace for Facebook. Yes, I still approve "friend requests" on MySpace, and I still reply to friend requests with my web site, music, and mailing list signup information, but that's about all I do on MySpace now.

On the other hand, I spend time every day on Facebook. It's hip, it's fun, and people are just much more talkative. Bottom line. I like Facebook more. I feel more connected with the people I care about... and people who REALLY care about what I'm up too.

In comparison to Facebook, MySpace feels slow, bulky, ad-swamped and just, well, cluttered. My desk is cluttered enough. Don't need to see it on my computer screen, too.

Anyone else jumped ship at MySpace? Your thoughts?

David Nevue (if it matters)


Sam Bhattacharya said...

Facebook is a cleaner application than Myspace. And it's easier to find friends on Facebook that you already know.

But I think Myspace is still the better place for a musician to find potential fans. Myspace is just more geared towards music than Facebook. This may change in the future though.

Anonymous said...

I agree, myspace is outdoing itself
left and right trying to update their image, to make it easier to navigate but in the process are actually making things overly-simple and cluttering up the screen...not too mention the ad's that pop up at the top on the sides on the bottom...
it's repetitive

Unknown said...

I never liked myspace. It's difficult to manage, but I felt like I needed a presence there as an artist. I may go there once a month. I LOVE Facebook! I'm on at least twice a day. It's easy to use, add content and build a fan base.

P.Baughman said...

It seems like Facebook has a lot more going on, more of a real community whereas Myspace is just static and ignored.

I never really got too excited about collecting friends just for.. what - It seemed pointless. I mean, I already had a website.

Edwin Buchanan Naeger said...

From someone who absolutely does not enjoy the whole social networking thing, I have to agree. But it's still a free resource that's beneficial to all of us trying to make a name for ourselves in the Biz. My question is: Is there any good way to manage these multitudinous resources from one location so we don't have to spend hours of everyday trying to update and appear to have nothing better to do than sit at our computers all day? I've tried ReverbNation, and they seem to be on to something with centralizing the data you want on the internet, but it still isn't all inclusive, and so becomes yet another site to try and keep up with.

Thanks for any thoughts.

A SEO Person said...

Yes I accept myspace loosing their grounds as compare to facebook. But facebook music promotion is also a very difficult part. We can not target people in facebook as per music interests.

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Anonymous said...

Facebook is not only a wonderful and innovative way to stay connected to people internationally, but it is also much easier to use and understand. When trying to update my Myspace profile, I found that finding the codes in order to copy nice layouts and designs to my profile was extremely tedious, and just trying to make my site more appealing took hours of unnecessary work. Facebook has all kinds of activities, actual causes that you can join, and amazing networking tools that are so simple and well put together! Your Facebook account can immediately be updated and look professional and personal with the click of a button-no pasting, no searching, everything is found right there. If only there was a way to create a Facebook account that could make your music easily accessible rather than just acquiring fan pages, and create a product similar to what Myspace has but better, I would close my Myspace music account altogether!

Four State Shows said...

Eddie Buchanan-

Try it kind of centralizes a ton of online stuff. definitely a time-saver.

Becky said...

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Youtube which is a very busy social networking site too, and great for getting your music out there and linking up with other musicians. I got exausted with it after a couple of years though..then decided to make a choice between opening a channel on blogger or on Myspace, in order to start a blog. I'm so glad I chose blogger. I didn't realise how huge the blogging community is, and I'm really appreciating the change of focus... I think we all need that now and again.

SoulSlickdotcom said...

Whospace? I agree with David, and also have moved to Facebook for the most part. I just check Whospace a couple times per week and post to promote my Facebook page and new website. The biggest thing that killed Myspace for me is the constant fake profiles. BTW, thank you David for the fantastic info. We've just ordered two copies of your book, and I'm very excited to read it.

Anonymous said...

I think Myspace music is bigger than facebook's music area for the genres of rock, electronic, pop, I researched the amount of friends of each artist has and myspace still has its following. I believe using both sites is vital to network. not just abandoning one.

mp3 indir said...

Yes I accept myspace loosing their grounds as compare to facebook. But facebook music promotion is also a very difficult part. We can not target people in facebook as per music interests.

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