Thursday, August 14, 2008

Disc Makers offers "Elite Artist Services" to Former Major Label Artists

Fresh off of acquiring CD Baby, Disc Makers is now offering "Elite Artist Services" to former major label artists.

To quote the web site...

"Elite Artist Services offers major artists who go independent virtually all of the manufacturing, distribution, promotion and ecommerce infrastructure support required to release your own project - profitably. From CD and DVD design, mastering and manufacturing, to downloads, custom merch, distribution, ecommerce, print and digital marketing and more, Elite Artist Services offers you the services the record label used to – without the record label constraints. In the rapidly changing music business, Elite Artist Services takes care of your business, so you can focus on your music. You work directly with the manufacturer, and all the profits go to you."

Disc Makers offers virtually everything an artist could want. Manufacturing, distribution, content syndication, traditional retail distribution, promotional services, custom merchandising, warehousing and fulfillment, e-marketing and press kit development and print marketing advertising. Everything under one roof. Wow, sounds great!

Unfortunately, the service is only being offered to artists who "qualify." Again to quote the site....

"Not every artist qualifies to be a client of Elite Artist Services. Why? Because the level of logistical, business, and customer support you'll get from Elite Artist Services can't be offered to artists who have not yet achieved a higher level of success. Our clients don't just dream about succeeding in the music business – they already have."

Here's the web site...

So Disc Makers now has CD Baby for "unqualified" artists in one hand and Elite Artist Services for "qualified" artists in the other.


David Nevue
The Music Biz Academy

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