Friday, September 26, 2008

MySpace Music: So, How Does it Look?

Paul Resnikoff of Digital Music News just posted his first impressions of the new "MySpace Music" platform....

As Paul is a contributor to Music Biz Academy, I've posted his comments at

For starters...

"If music started and ended on the internet, then MySpace Music would be the end-all, be-all solution. Of course, music is enjoyed everywhere - on iPods, mobile devices, CD-Rs, automobiles, and laptops, and music fans demand transferability between different environments. They have also grown accustomed to free acquisition - and for some younger fans, music has always been free. That makes the MySpace Music proposition a bit incongruent with current listening and acquisition habits, though the concept still breaks some ground."

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David Nevue
The Music Biz Academy

How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet

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