Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What MySpace Music Means to Amazon.com

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It's been 2-3 weeks since I've posted here.... but I've been on concert tour. When I'm on tour, much of my time is spent on the road playing concerts and just trying to keep up with the "must-do" daily business stuff. Don't get as much "free time" to post newsworthy stuff here. I'm sure you know how it is, music biz minded readers that you are.

But here's a little article that came across my desk this last week that I wanted to share with you. As you may know (or perhaps you don't), MySpace is about to start streaming entire catalogs of music from SonyBMG, Univeral and Warner Music. And when people hear music they like on MySpace, they'll be able to create playlists, share them, and go right to Amazon.com to purchase the tracks for personal use.

Amazon.com is hoping to start cutting into a bit of iTunes digital music dominance.

Here's the article: What the MySpace Deal Means for Amazon.com. Also found at http://money.cnn.com/2008/09/12/technology/amazon.fortune/index.htm

See also MySpace Music Seeks to Amplify Listening Experience at http://tinyurl.com/4nmojd

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